The Vineyard

The Overflow Estate 1895 was first established in July 2010.  The first rip with the ‘dozer was located on the south-eastern side of the main house on the gently sloping land fertilised by cattle for more than a century.  The families felled the timber for the posts, barked it, snicked it and prepared it for splitting before the posts were erected.  They ran the wires and the trellises, planted every vine, painstakingly pruned every spur and cane and tended the vineyard until the first vintage was harvested in January 2013.

They initially called the wine “Sq Root”.  There is a rude old Australian saying which aptly describes individuals or groups who know little or nothing about anything.  They are described as knowing “about three quarters of five eighths of the square root of bugger all” or words to that effect!  That’s how much we knew when we started this venture.  What began as an affair of the heart and a holiday in Toro in the north of Spain has matured into a magnificent viticultural affair.


The Overflow 1895 is a historic grazing property located about 60 kilometres south of Brisbane as the crow flies, 16.9 kilometres west of Beaudesert and about 20 kilometres east of Boonah.  It spans the Beaudesert-Boonah highway and fronts the extraordinary Lake Wyaralong.  The newly constructed dam, completed in 2010, forms the northern boundary of the property.  The Overflow boasts approximately 12 kilometres of waterfront land.


The Vermentino, the Fiano, the Tempranillo and the Montepulciano represent the very best of “climate change” varieties from both Italy and Spain.  The terroir is typical of Sardinia, d’Abruzzo, Venetia and the north of Spain.

The wines are superbly constructed and balanced. They revel in gustatory combination with Mediterranean antipasto, fresh seafood, pate and crusty bread. Just bring your friends for an unforgettable meal.

We have used a combination of Paulsen, Ramsey and Ruggeri rootstock to sustain our special varieties. Whist we are blessed with a seemingly endless water supply, this is a “dry” vineyard. The roots are to earn their keep by going far and deep. The intervine rows are covered with magnificent blue couch and the posts are solid ironbark, felled, split and erected by our own hands. An enormous, century-old blue gum tree stands proudly in the centre of the vineyard, keeping guard over proceedings throughout the seasons.

The Labels


We have spent hours designing the labels. Our earliest iteration is the SqRoot theme. The central element is the stylised vine in the shape of a mathematical square root. The first vintage bears a single leaf on the vine. As subsequent vintages are produced, an additional leaf appears. When we get to our tenth vintage, we will place a single gold leaf on the vine and start the process again. The coloured squares symbolise the strength of the tradition, the shape of the sandstone and the firmness of our resolve. The magnificent old homestead complements the imagery. Just click onto the QR code on the label and explore The Overflow 1895.

The Overflow Estate 1895.

Although the first four vintages exceeded our expectations, excelled at a National level, and have brought enormous pleasure and success, the SqRoot name just failed to resonate as hoped. It has an earthy origin that craved repeated explanation. If we were not there to explain, the impetus was lost. The eye was drawn to the colour, shape and design of the label but the true meaning was lost.

In addition, the name SqRoot had no real connection with the history, interest and agricultural facets of The Overflow. The founding family, the Joyce’s, created a heritage of inestimable value. It deserved recognition. It also adds tremendously to the value of the brand. We have added “1895” to the name because that’s when the Joyce family first arrived. The pastoral, mining, forestry and quarrying activities are now the essence of The Overflow 1895.

The vineyard is the newest addition. It brings vibrancy, life,zest and a connection with the terroir. Whilst an integral partner in the entire operation with its sibling activities, it has become our jewel. Therefore it has become The Overflow Estate 1895. What better name could our precious wine have?

The new label has been created by Lachie Goldsworthy, a good buddy of Sam’s. It represents the gun metal grey mountain ranges that form our boundary, the brilliant deep blue of Lake Wyaralong and the pure spiritual crispness of the environment created on this magical island.

The heat, humidity and rainfall all preclude such a purists’ venture

Bio-Dynamic Focus

It had been our intention to be truly bio-dynamic in our viticulture. The heat, humidity and rainfall all preclude such a purists’ venture. Mind you, we are cognisant of organic agricultural principles and enormous caution and restraint are exercised.

Our Team

This a family and friends affair. Noeleen, Anna, Harry, Edwina, Richard, Sam, Kat, Emily, Barbie, Andrea, Gary, Phil, Ann, Dale, Kirstin , Elise, William, Penny, John, Chris, Brian, Russell, Peter, and David have toiled with limitless energy and commitment. Little wonder that the first sip of the first vintage tasted like gold dust!

Our managers, Jon and Sasha, and our viticulturalists, Peter and Vikki, have combined superbly to produce a truly remarkable product. We know you will enjoy it.

Oh, and don’t forget our black Labrador, Nero! He is like a shadow. Always present, in and out of the Lake, chasing wildlife, ever ready for a game or a scratch. Make a point of meeting him when next you visit.