Welcome to The Overflow Estate 1895, a boutique winery near Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

This is a truly special part of the globe and our website will open the vista for you. Separate sections take you on the journey in greater depth, exploring the history, the property, the winery and the wines. The gallery provides a taste of the splendid geography and topography. Be sure to press every link.

Everything has an origin. Things we can see, smell, taste and touch have survived. Those that have not, we cannot.

Survivorship requires energy, enthusiasm, effort and experience. This endeavour has all of those qualities in spades. We are alive, vibrant and ready to join with you.

I ask you to pause. Become relaxed and comfortable. Switch off the rest of your world for the next ten minutes. Surf this site and get to know us. You owe it to yourself. You deserve it.

My genuine hope is that one day we will meet. I am eager to hear of your journey. I will share our journey here at The Overflow 1895 too.

Warmest regards

David Morgan.