Our Story

What began as an affair of the heart has transformed into a truly remarkable achievement. It was a visit to Scottish friends and their bodega in the north of Spain in 2006 that gave us the inspiration to establish our own vineyard. If we’d realised just how difficult is was going to be, we would never have started.

We felled the iron bark in our own forest in 2010, snicked and barked the logs, and had several hundred split posts fashioned. A local fencer drove them into the ground. We erected the wires, planted the root stock in 2012 and nurtured the four varieties that now underpin our offerings. We chose Vermentino, Fiano, Montepulciano and Tempranillo because of their Mediterranean origins, their love for our native terroir, their undeniably gorgeous fruit and as a point of difference to the scores of struggling vineyards producing the usual chardonnay and shiraz.

Every one of our two thousand five hundred vines has a name, a personality and a favourite position in our lives. Everything is done by hand, and with both love and care. Vineyard bio-security is a priority, the use of supplements is carefully limited and every bottle we produce is made from fruit from our own vineyard .. and nowhere else. These are genuine home-grown Estate offerings.

As you sit on the Cellar Door deck, enjoying the extraordinary location, you can gaze along the rows. You will know with confidence that you are amidst the home of these remarkable wines. We are enormously proud of The Overflow Estate 1895. Our pleasure is doubled to be able to share it with you.