Newsletter Volume 9

Newsletter Volume 9
March 2019

Dear devoted, faithful and much-valued Wine Club Member,

Where to start? The weeks slip by, lots to do, “two steps forward and one step back”, you know how it is. Here we go…

Vintage 2019

Fan-bloody-tastic. You will recall the misery of Vintage 2017. We lost absolutely everything in the massive hail storm on December 3, 2016. That was just seven days before Sam and Kat were married at the farm. Then we retrieved only 20% of Vintage 2018 because of the equally devastating hail storm which walloped us on December 31, 2017.
So, you can imagine the palpable fear, trepidation and anxiety we generated prior to harvesting the current crop. Last newsletter I outlined the prelude to vintage with the Baume, the Brix and the related chemistry.

The weather God was in a most benevolent mood. The warm dry day, the frost free nights, an absence of mildew and no pests to be seen all combined to ripen fruit that is definitely the best we’ve ever produced. That’s a big call so early; especially since our 2016 Vermentino won a GOLD MEDAL at a National Show. I’m confident though. This will be a year to remember in the 21 st century.

The Fiano was the first to put its hand up and say “take me, take me”. We did, with gusto, and twenty five marvelous Wine Club volunteers assisted ( names listed at the end in honour of the extraordinary efforts expended). The assembly point was in row 12 South at 0530 on Sunday January 13 … Noeleen’s birthday.The merry band was equipped with sterile snips, glistening buckets, frozen water bottles and a 5 minute tutorial. It took us about three hours to gently harvest the 660 kg of plump, juicy, green/gold berries. They were delicious. Straight into the refrigerated van and whisked off to the winery at Sirromet in Mt Cotton by Peter Scully. This is Peter’s fifth year with us and he’s worth his weight in Gold Medals. For the officianados amongst you, the stats were Specific Gravity 1.087, Baume 11.8, pH 3.8 and Total Acidity 4.0. In essence, just perfect.
Fortuitously, the Vermentino and the Tempranillo reached their peak exactly seven days later. This time we had fifty willing, competent and enthuastic helpers from all regions in South East Queensland. The 0530 start on January 20 was a cinch and we had the combined total of about three tonnes off by 0900. Tradition rewards us with a wholesome brunch, plenty of chat and equal bonhomie. It is a marvelous way to start a Sunday. Again the stats were just right. Baumes of 12.5 and 13.5, SG about 1.11 and pH averaging at 3.60. Although the total yield is lower than in previous years, the fruit quality is of stellar proportions. Be sure to sample and save the ’19 from TOE 1895.
Finally it was the Montepulciano. What a crop. Every bunch was bursting with vigour, flavor and colour. Not a blemished berry in sight and the plum-hued juice was mouthwatering and Oh so satisfying. It was a hastily gathered group of twenty of us who claimed the bounty of about 990 kg on Sunday February 2. As with the previous three varieties, the biochemistry was faultless.

What a relief. No hail. No disease. No bird-strike. No adverse events. Absolutely on target. Just perfect.

The cellar door

Popular demand now has us opening Thursday to Sunday with Shaz, Taylor, Jenna and Emily running the winetasting and service. Kate and The Vintage Pickle have metamorphosed into their summer menu with the antipasto platters, local fruits, seafood delicacies and lemon-myrtle chicken.

We have live music every Sunday, and have purposely mixed the genres so that no eight weeks are the same. Bookings are essential. Give us a call on 04 55 22 1895.

Upcoming events

  • We are hosting a fundraising event on Thursday evening, March 7 for the “Traction” Community, empowering young people in need. Call Sally on 0448 005 552.
  • Scenic Rim Regional Council “Eat Local Week” official launch May 9. Call Emily on 0418 794 577
  • Mothers Day Luncheon for families Sunday May 12. Call David on 04 55 22 1895
  • Grapest 5 and 10 k Fun Run and Wine Waddle Saturday May 18. Call Peter on 0411 532 812
  • Scenic Rim “Eat Local Week” June 27-Jul 7. We will be actively involved. Keep an eye on our website for more information

Yeah, so what else?

We cover 4250 acres, have cattle, a sand mine, a sandstone quarry, a eucalyptus forest and a historic Homestead. The workshop services the tractors, the CAT dozer, the mowers, the slashers, the vehicles and all sorts of equipment, gizmos and paraphernalia. It never stops. Talk about a “tiger by the tail”. And all this in retirement!

David (and Nero)

The Vintage 2019 team

John and Penny, Chris, Steve and Neroli, Peter and Vikki, Paul and Tanya, Dominic and Bianca, Di and Don, Sam and Kat, Richard and Edwina, Jon and Sasha, Lawrie and Jill, Simon, Russell, Brian, Andrea and Gary, Rhommel and Nicole, Samuel, Judy and John, Shirlee and Trevor, Karen, Shaz, Taylor and Craig, Emily, Lauren and Karl, Alex, Nicki and Chris, Kate and Sophia, Michael, William, Hannah and Jared, Tom, David and Debbie, Birte and Maria, Pietro and Desley, Jenny and Matt, Vesna, Dan, Kerry, Anna and Alex, Madonna and Dean, Steptoe and Son.

A million thanks to you all!