Newsletter Volume 16

Newsletter Volume 16
October 2019

Dear highly-valued Wine Club Member,

Welcome again. A month has flown by. That concept invokes many thoughts. One is that we are all a little closer to death. Morbid? Not at all. It simply means we must relish what we do, when we can. Let TOE 1895 help.

The Vineyard

The vines have flourished from bare bums to bushy tails seemingly overnight. Nature is tremendous. The underground roots jam-packed with carbohydrates (and therefore energy) are thrusting the crisp, fresh, green shoots skywards. The leaves are basking in the photosynthetic rays from the sun. They convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, assist in cleansing the atmosphere and provide a haven for the primitive bunches of fruit we can see already.

Canopy management is so very important. Too thick and we block the biochemistry close to the vine. Moisture accumulates, moulds grow and mildews spoil the crop.Too sparse and the fruit can be sunburned and desiccated. Gas and nutrient exchange are inhibited. Yields diminish, quality is compromised and our viability is threatened.

Surprisingly, the dastardly drought has been a God-send for us. Lake Wyaralong is a constant source of water with perfect mineralisation. It is resourced sparingly though. This is to encourage our under-soil reactors to search widely and deep. Fortuitously, it is there when needed. I speculated that the 2019 vintage will be our best ever. Being ready for a challenge, four of our bottled offerings have been entered in National Wine Shows. Regardless of the results, I will share them with you. Whether it be gloat or shame, you will be in on the secret.

The Cellar Door

This hospitality game is infectious and addictive. I have really grown to relish meeting guests, chatting about matters of mutual interest, gathering advice and devoting my time. Our special location is a marvel to see and experience. Sharing it adds enormously to the pleasure.

The challenges associated with every social medium are also enthralling. Google My Business, Facebook, Trip Advisor, Instagram and Linkedin are all new worlds for me. Reviews are unsolicited, require both interest and endeavour from the blogger, and can be either inspirational or soul destroying. So far we have 4.5 to 5 star plaudits on every rateable site. I invariably respond to constructive criticism. Importantly, Team TOE 1895 also incorporates the feedback into daily performance.

Our initial business plan explored the visiting demographic most likely to visit. We need not have bothered with an in-depth analysis. Every luncheon session is comprised of all age groups. We regularly see babies sleeping in carry-cots, toddlers rolling on the lawns, kids galivanting around the lake, teens courting, young professionals on a day excursion, parents relaxing, friends sharing food/wine over chatter, grand-parents being honoured and even a few crusty ‘oldies’ brought out for some fresh air.

Our Spring/Summer menu has just landed too. Check it on line but expect the freshest of local garden salads, delicate salmon, spicy smoked chicken, pulled sticky pork and an array of magical creations from the kitchen.

The Property

Dry but still alive. We are feeding the retired thoroughbred geldings with some delicate supplements (because I love them so much) but the cattle still look healthy, happy and glossy. Our dams have excellent clay linings and every drop falling in the recent storms has been trapped. Molasses treats and mineral-lick blocks have been enough to keep us on top of the pack.

Surrounding bush fires have been devastating, heart breaking and destructive. So far we’ve been lucky. Our firebreaks are in good order, out tanks and pumps are on standby, and we’ll jump if we have too.

Despite any state of readiness, the heat from flames, the asphyxiating effect of smoke, the blinding milieu and the disorientation associated bush fires can only be fully appreciated if you are there. Our bush fire brigade women and men are Saints. The selfless contribution of time, effort, energy, resource and personal safety are inestimable.

What’s next

  • Christmas party bookings are building rapidly.
  • Our fantastic liaison with Rowing Queensland for the Queensland Schools Championship Regatta three weeks ago has prompted us to look at providing a similar facility for the GPS Head of the River events in 2020.
  • Bentley, Porsche, Ferrari and Rolls Royce have all linked with us over the last few months. This is a perfect location for motoring groups. It’s an interesting 60 minute rural drive from Brisbane or the Gold Coast, the island setting of the vineyard and Cellar Door is perfect for photography, there is ample lake-side parking and the food, wine and live music make it an unforgettable day.
All of us at TOE 1895 remain extremely grateful to you. Continued support and visitations are the fuel that sustains us. Please remain in close contact.
Warmest regards

David Morgan (and Nero)