Newsletter Volume 15

Newsletter Volume 15
September 2019

Dear highly-valued Wine Club Member,

Welcome to the current edition of this chronicle of events at The Overflow 1895. Pausing, reflecting and then communicating with you every month has become a real joy. I type it myself and do so at the pace of a paralysed snail. I am a one-finger operative. It’s a case of “hunt and peck”. It slows my mind and extends the pleasure. It’s almost meditative.

The Vineyard

The children are stirring. Primitive buds have been visible for a fortnight and the embryology is astonishing. Genes that have laid dormant for at least a season are fully fueled, bulging and bursting daily.

The Montepulciano (the Italian red) was the first to boast some green shoots. This is a unique event in the vineyard. Normally we see the Vermentino first out of the blocks with the Fiano next. The Tempranillo also usually precedes its red brother. You may recall from a previous update that we pruned the Monte first this year in an effort to marginally hasten the cycle to maturation. It appears to have worked. Ideally, we will be harvesting the entire vineyard at roughly the same time early in 2020. Keep a sharp eye out for the call to vintage. You will not be disappointed. More later.

Peter Stewart (our viticulturalist) has everything in order. We are poised for the spring explosion and are confident (fingers crossed) that a bumper crop will materialise.

Bella (our property manager) has also used the winter recess profitably and almost every element of machinery is hunky dory. My only concern relates to the aged Kubota tractor used for fertigation and mildew control. It takes an age to start and despite the 40 horses under the rusty bonnet, it displays some dyspnea as it creeps up the slopes when fully laden. I’m looking for a replacement. Any thoughts?

The 2019 Vermentino and Fiano have been splendidly received by guests visiting the Cellar Door. The promise of bright zests, perfect balance and delicious fruits has been produced in spades. It is such a pleasure to serve our Estate wines to visitors. Seeing their overtly positive responses is even more gratifying.

The 2019 reds will be with us in bottles next year. In the meantime, the 2018 offerings are firm favourites. The Storm Cru sparkling whites and reds remain our signature products.

The Cellar Door

We have passed the first anniversary in style. Numbers continue to increase weekly, repeat visitations are such an honour and our advance bookings are reassuringly healthy.

The live music every Sunday is very popular. Families and friends relax on the lawns that trickle down to the lake’s edge. Children can run, laugh, kick balls and interact with each other without fear of interruption. Many visitors bring lawn games, picnic blankets, fold up chairs and small tables to set up beneath the bush-native trees.

Father’s Day was a resounding success and all the special Dads had a great day out. The Mums looked pretty satisfied too! ShazKate and the entire team excelled.

We have formed a warm bond with Rowing Queensland and regularly host parents who make the weekly trek down to Lake Wyaralong for the GPS regattas. The last weekend in this month hosts the Queensland Schools Championship Regatta and TOE 1895 will be the sole purveyor of liquor on site. This will be a significant event with more that 3000 visitors from all over our enormous state. Special glamping tents will be in one of our prime pastures and a memorable four days lies ahead. Call Jayne on 0404 096 021 for details.

Christmas bookings are heavy but a few spaces remain. Please call us on 04 55 22 1895 to secure a spot. We are close to Beaudesert and Boonah but far enough away to make it a perfect venue for a shindig.

The Property

Our 50 year old hayshed copped a real beating in Cyclone Tracey with a further lashing in the hail storm in December 2018. The western end had been de-roofed and the walls were parlous. Whilst the main structure built of quality steel remained intact, the timber rafters and batters had been ravaged by termites.

We milled some of the logs salvaged from the lake construction, gathered some old iron, hired a scissor lift, and got stuck in. Bella and Toby are a formidable team at 6m above ground level. What was initially viewed as being irretrievable is now luxuriating in structural splendor.
Our dams remain liquid, fodder is still plentiful and the thoroughbred geldings are reveling in the home paddocks. I hate to tempt fate but I think we are in excellent shape.

Please continue with your much appreciated dialogue. I adore your calls, emails and visits. Most of all, I treasure the ability to share this extraordinary treasure with you.
With warm regards again

David Morgan