Newsletter Volume 13

Newsletter Volume 13
July 2019

Dear highly-valued Wine Club Member,

Another month, a few more grey hairs and deepening wrinkles. Welcome to the latest printed and visual edition of our journey.

The Vineyard

You can hear the vines snoring now. The 1250 under the permanent hail netting are fast asleep and their southern cousins are like old lizards in the sunshine too. The final golden leaves are dropping and the root system is loaded with the ever-important carbohydrates.
We have started pruning with the Montepulciano the first to be addressed. They were a little later to ripen this year. Our theory is that an earlier prune might result in an earlier maturation. I’ll tell you in February 2020.

Peter has the entire zone in perfect condition. Disease free, balanced, healthy and handsome. Biased as I am, I doubt there is a better looking vineyard in Australia. You must visit now to experience this extraordinary state of quiescence. In just a month or so, all this will have changed and the race will be on to the next splendid vintage.

The Cellar Door

Gosh we have been busy. Sharon Gage has taken over as out full-time manager and is faultlessly supported by Taylor, Jenna, Sarah and Bella. Kate and her team continue to man the kitchen. This has been such a pleasurable marriage of food and wine. The tourist and hospitality formula is a winner.

The Grapest Fun Run was a massive success with about 600 visitors. We will repeat the event next year although under our own banner. Keep your eyes out for announcements.

Our Scenic Rim Eat Local Week Degustation Long Lunch on June 30 was superb. Seventy-two fortunate guests sampled the 5-course masterpiece of culinary delights created by Kate Raymont. She matched the ingredients perfectly to five of our Estate wines. Every course was explained as it was served and guests were able to gain an intimate appreciation of the history of the Overflow, its wines and its ethos. Fabulous day. Dale had her 75th birthday celebration too.

Javier Codina and his creative team descended upon the Estate on July 7 for our third “Moda in the Vines”. Gorgeous Spanish tapas, freshly prepared paella and local ice creams were complemented by music all afternoon from Jazz Train.
We’ve been open seven days every week during school holidays and gratifyingly busy. Whilst there is no truth in the adage  .. “ you build it  ..  they’ll come”, it has been a real winner for us. Thanks to every visitor for your trust and support.

The Property

We hosted over 1000 recreational trail bike riders at the end of June. The Recreational Trail Bike Club of Queensland, led by Rodney Wood, is a charitable organization we have partnered with for more than a decade. We are proud to be supporting worthwhile endeavors in our community. Traction is another such endeavor championed by Lachlan Murdoch.

Despite the drought, sufficient high-quality grasses continue to keep our live stock in peak condition. The dams have been well maintained, new fencing has been efficient and the spring breeding season is on a firm foundation.

The sandstone and sand mining operations are also stable despite a contracting construction industry. Our products are of high quality and our processes are tightly controlled. Success seems assured.

What’s next?

We’ve still got a few jobs to be completed before the spring and summer seasons are upon us.

The hayshed requires extensive roofing reconstruction, machinery maintenance is ongoing, repairs to gates/fences/cattle yards never stop and the Cellar Door demands constant attention to maintain its special appeal.

We are hopeful our three luxury cabins will be in place prior to Christmas. A partnership is being established with Wander Retreats. Regulatory restrictions and bureaucratic intransigence persist. I do understand the need for rules and regulations, but Oh Boy! There are some doozies out there. Remember, “two steps forwards and one step back!”

The seasonal variations in the vineyard, so easily witnessed from the Cellar Door dining deck, should be witnessed by everyone. Make a point of coming out very soon, and then every 3 months thereafter as the cycle evolves. You will not be disappointed.
Warmest regards

David Morgan