Newsletter Volume 12

Newsletter Volume 12
June 2019

Dear highly-valued Wine Club Member,

Of all the exhilarating facets about agriculture, especially viticulture, it is the seasonal variation in the biology of flora and fauna that is the most attractive. We are now officially in winter. The long dry summer has broken, although barely, and we still get sweaty armpits around midday. The vines are very lethargic though and the autumnal colours are gorgeous.

The Vineyard

Peter Stewart has the fruit bowl in perfect balance, the biochemistry is in peak energy storage phase and we are weed/pest/fungus free. I remain certain that 2019 will be our best vintage to date but all the ducks are lining up now for an even better 2020.  I am so happy you will be part of the exhilarating journey.

The golden leaves are falling daily and bare canes will predominate within the next few weeks. Fascinatingly, many Mornington Peninsula vineyards have already been pruned. Our subtropical locale and the tempering effect of Lake Wyaralong put us about 8 weeks behind our southern cousins. The time in the next cycle, from budburst to vintage, is shorter, sharper and more intense here. Our DNA/RNA mediated protein and carbohydrate chemistry is of Rolls Royce quality boasting superlative results.

The 2019 Vintage

We’ve bottled our ’19 Vermentino and Fiano. As hoped, expected and promised, they are spectacular. Flint, fruit and flavor abound. I won’t spoil the surprise by revealing too much here. You must try them.

The Storm Cru sparkling white (blend of the V and the F) and the Storm Cru sparkling red ( blended Montepulciano and Tempranillo ) are close too. The unblended still reds are doing their thing on French oak and won’t be with us for a while yet. Don’t fret though. We still have sufficient back-vintage stock to keep you relaxed, healthy and happy.

The Property

Bella Lambrecht has started with us as the new Farm Manager. What a gal! Skilled, competent, engaging and Oh so popular already. She has the place appearing picture-perfect.

The cattle have come through the drought well and we have sufficient winter fodder to keep the herd ahead of the nation.

Our mining operations have felt the economic pinch but future construction industry indices are positive and so are we. When times are tough, the tough get going. We have been doing this for more than a decade now and our survivorship skills are finely tuned.

The Cellar Door

The trajectory continues to be steeply upwards. You will remember I mentioned the Grapest Fun Run and Wine Waddle in the last newsletter. We had about 600 guests on May 18 and it was a real blast. Mostly ladies, all freed from domesticity for the day, in the highest of spirits and ready to charge. Add perfect autumn weather, a raucous live band, delicious food and our own Estate wines, then you have a recipe for a memorable day. The onsite glampers made the most of the moon-lit evening and even the wildlife were entranced as they sat on the hill surveying the scene.
We have been visited by Channel 7 for feature shoots twice in the last month and many of you will have seen us on A Great Day Out on June 2. It has been rumored we will also host a live broadcast for the morning show on Thursday June 27.

Live music Sundays remain popular and it is such a pleasure to host guests who appreciate our environment, food, wine and good service. I had no idea that hospitality could be so personally rewarding. Sitting, chatting, learning and listening has been a genuine newfound pleasure.

What’s next?

The Scenic Rim Regional Council “Eat Local Week” starts on June 29.

We have a Long Degustation Lunch on Sunday June 30. Kate Raymont from The Vintage Pickle will be preparing the five (5) course experience and we have chosen our five (5) best wines to embellish the brilliant offerings. All local produce as you’d expect and some real culinary surprises. Please get onto Eventbrite to purchase tickets. Be quick. It will sell out..

A week later, we team again with Xavier Codina from Moda at the Barracks in Brisbane. Francois and the crew will descend upon The Overflow Estate 1895 with the tappas and Spanish Paella extravaganza which is becoming famous. You will be entertained by live music, enjoy spectacular food, imbibe our award-winning wines and relax on the Lakefront lawns under the glorious winter sun. This is a formula that guarantees the recharge we all need before another hectic week. Again, bookings are online through Eventbrite.
There is always so much to share. I hold back though because long, wordy missives can be a bore. Please stick with me  .. until the next newsletter.
With genuine affection,

David and Nero