Newsletter Volume 11

Newsletter Volume 11
May 2019

Dear highly-valued Wine Club Member,

We’ve had a busy, enjoyable and instructive month since I last communicated with you. The enterprise continues to grow, we have made more forward steps than reverse, and the future is bright. I still enjoy getting up every morning.

The cellar door

Instituting live music every Sunday seems to have been a master stroke. Bookings are usually full by the preceding Wednesday although we always find room for regulars. Repeat visitations and ‘word-of-mouth’ referrals are reassuringly common. We are open Thursday to Sunday inclusive and you are all welcome. Bookings can be made in a flash by calling 04 55 22 1895.

Thursday May 9th was a remarkable day. The Scenic Rim Regional Council chose TOE 1895 as the venue for the official launch of the now famous Eat Local Week. About 250 invited guests enjoyed the brilliant autumn weather, the Lakeside location, the gourmet offerings from Kate Raymont of The Vintage Pickle and the dulcet tones of our resident musician, Amber Jesse.

The event heralds an extraordinary week beginning at the end of June and continuing through the first week of July. The calendar is full of marvellous events. The programme is online and worth a quick squiz. You’ll definitely find something of interest.

Special events

On Sunday June 30th we are presenting a very special 5-course degustation luncheon prepared by Kate and matched with 5 of our wines. Tickets are hotly sought. To avoid disappointment, log-on to Eventbrite now and look for The Overflow Estate 1895 Degustation event.
A week later, on Sunday July 7th, Javier Codina from Moda Restaurant at The Barracks, is joining us again with his magnificent Spanish paella and tappas. The delicacies combine perfectly with our Italian and Spanish varieties. Our Storm Cru sparkling red and white blends of the Tempranillo/Montepulciano and Vermentino/Fiano are outstanding favourites.

The vinyard

It remains in excellent shape. The late autumn and the lake front location have kept the leaf canopy intact and healthy. Photosynthesis continues to thrust abundant carbohydrate reserves underground in readiness for the spring revival.

We expect to prune in late July or early August. These seasonal variations are visually spectacular. If you accomplish little else this year, visit us at least four times to witness the ‘spring explosion’ in September/October, the ‘summer maturation’ in November/December, ‘fruit ripening and harvest’ in January to March, and the ‘energy storage’ phase of April/May. Plant biology is a remarkable process and witnessing the complete cycle in a 12 month period is both exciting and educational. Viticulture is a fascinating alternative to the rigours of orthopaedic surgery.


Gosh I’m lucky. TOE 1895 has an extraordinary crew. Jon left recently to fly hot-air balloons in Canada. He’s been replaced by Bella, and her 2 year old kelpie, Ruby. All else remains the same with Noeleen, Peter, Shaz, Taylor, Jenna, Emily, Kate, Sophia, Trich, Kylie, Olivia, Eden, Tully and Nero.
Thanks for being part of our support network. Many of you have visited already. Some have provided invaluable assistance with vintage. All of you are valued.
              Photo: Centaur Outdoor Events
Warmest regards

David Morgan