Newsletter Volume 10

Newsletter Volume 10
April 2019

Dear devoted, faithful and much-valued Wine Club Member,

How lucky we are at The Overflow Estate 1895 to have you as part of our family. We value your support, are forever grateful for your advice and custom, and derive great satisfaction from just knowing you are there.
Whilst we adore welcoming you to the Cellar Door, distance prohibits many of you from visiting. This newsletter is designed to give both written and visual imagery of what’s happening and keep you close and treasured. Your feedback is also greatly appreciated.

The vinyard

Now that the fruit is safely fermenting, out efforts amongst the vines are directed at maintaining our scrupulous disease-free status. We are fully occupied eliminating weeds, encouraging the micro-ecology with spiders. insects, bees and green snakes, and ensuring that the mandatory photosynthetic biochemistry proceeds. Carbohydrates are being pumped underground into the elaborate root system in readiness for the spring explosion. Pruning will occur in July.
The sandy-loam soil is covering the sandstone shelf about 1200-2500 mm below the surface. There is natural drainage to the north and the east. It is never boggy, and we ensure residual moisture is optimized with our intricate watering system. The blue cootch inter-vine rows are carefully manicured for aesthetics but kept long enough to provide safe haven for our little buddies.

The winery

The Vermentino, Fiano, Montepulciano and the Tempranillo are all resting gently at Sirromet. The whites are just perfect. Rich, faithful varietal colours/flavours/aromas. The reds are on new french oak and equally impressive. Adam Chapman is our wine making wizard. I can’t expect him to admit it, but I think he recognizes our offerings will surpass anything Sirromet produces under its own label. I’ve previously committed myself to the claim that the ’19 vintage will be our best ever. Make sure you grab some. The whites will be ready near the end of July. The reds will be a year or so later.

The cellar door

The live music every Sunday as been a resounding success. The deck is regularly a sell-out and the lawns are generously covered by families and friends on chairs or picnic blankets. Kids adore the opportunity to run, explore and watch the wildlife. We have a resident Sea Eagle (recently released by the Griffith University after a period of rehabilitation), two gorgeous Black Swans ( with cygnets in season), scores of magnificent pelicans and countless ducks and birds. Nero ‘the hero’, the black Labrador, can never quite reach them. They tease him mercilessly.
Our wedding package has been launched and the interest is overwhelming. We had a photo-shoot three weeks ago. Three professional models, three professional photographers, a florist, several make-up artists and a helicopter. It was a 10 hour day and the results are astounding. Visit our website for a preview.

The property

The drought hit the sand mining operation hard and the building downturn has not helped the sandstone quarry. Recent rains have turned the tide though and the quality of our raw materials will see us prosper. Our dams survived the hot, dry summer too and although the grasslands suffered, all of our livestock have maintained good condition without significant supplements. Even the retired thoroughbred geldings (Big Man, Killer and Donny) are shiny and frisky.
As autumn proceeds and winter approaches, we will start repairing fences, reconstructing creek crossings, re-sheeting the hay shed and catch up with our machinery maintenance schedule.
This has become a significant operation with Jon, Sasha, Peter, Emily, Shaz, Taylor, Jenna, Kate, Sophia, Trich, Kylie, Jake, Tully and Eden all contributing their usual excellence.


Until next month. Don’t forget Grapest, our 5k and 10 k Fun Run on May 18. There will be the famous “Wine Waddle” through the vineyard, plenty of tasting opportunities and fabulous food offerings. Enjoy all this with a live band, Camel ice cream and delicious coffee. Stacks of action for everybody. Register online with Centaur Events at The Overflow Estate 1895.
              Photo: Centaur Outdoor Events
Warmest regards

David Morgan