• Sq Root Vermentino 2014 – SORRY…. SOLD OUT!

    • Gold Medal Winner

      1 x Carton (12 bottles) x Sq Root

      Evolution is inevitable. It is sometimes rewarding. This second vintage of our viticultural passion has exceeded our expectations. The harvest doubled, the Baumé and acidity were perfect and the fruit gloriously fresh, lush and delicious. Generous wine makers say that 90% of a successful vintage is in the berry. The remainder of the magic comes from the winery itself. Whatever the truth, this 2014 offering of our Vermentino exemplifies the aromatic, crisp and gently spicy qualities typical of the Sardinian variety. Your palate will appreciate the real tension generated by the fresh herbs and the lush vegetation.

      Combine with pan-fried boned whiting fillets, mediterranean antipasto, grilled octopus and crusty bread.

      Cin cin!

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    About The Name:

    They have called the wine “Square Root”. There is a rude old Australian saying which aptly describes individuals or groups who know little or nothing about anything. They are described as knowing “about five eighths of the square root of bugger all” or words to that effect! That’s how much we knew when we started this venture. What began as an affair of the heart and a holiday in Toro in the north of Spain has matured into a magnificent viticultural affair.