• Sq Root Vermentino 2013 – SORRY… SOLD OUT!

    • 1 x Carton (12 bottles) x Sq Root

      The historic grazing property is home to the famous Vermentino grape from Sardinia.  The budwood has been grafted onto Paulsen rootstock and planted in April, 2012.  This very first vintage was harvested on the 17th of January, 2013 at a Baume of 12.5.  Each and every berry has been passionately cared for and tended by our hands.  The terroir is typical Sardinian.  We could describe the Italian influence on the rich, lip smacking flavours of lemon grass and citrus rind on the mid palate or the refreshing but subtle acid finish.  Instead, Mike Hayes (our winemaker) and the families, simply assure you that this product of our labour is pure, unadulterated Vermentino, at its absolute best.

      Mediterranean culinary delights, fresh crusty bread, and good friends will generate an unforgettable gustatory experience.

      We genuinely hope that you will enjoy. Cin cin!

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      We apologise the 2013 vintage is now out of stock. The 2014 medal winning Vermentino vintage is now available!

    About The Name:

    They have called the wine “Square Root”. There is a rude old Australian saying which aptly describes individuals or groups who know little or nothing about anything. They are described as knowing “about five eighths of the square root of bugger all” or words to that effect! That’s how much we knew when we started this venture. What began as an affair of the heart and a holiday in Toro in the north of Spain has matured into a magnificent viticultural affair.