• Sq Root Montelpulciano 2015 – SORRY… SOLD OUT!

    • 2015 Vintage

      This mighty grape from d’Abruzzo in Italy had humble origins at The Overflow Estate 1895. The variety was grafted onto Ruggeri root stock and initially struggled. Careful nurturing witnessed this Prince of fruit blossom. Full tight bunches crowded the cordon zone and the berries were delicious. Mike Hayes wove his usual magic in the winery and a magnificent plum coloured offering emerged. Mouth filling wild berries, perfectly structured tannins and a most pleasant finish tempts a further glass. We match it with roasted lamb and mint crust, veal rack and fennel jus or ribeye on the bone with grilled eggplant. Cin cin!

    They have called the wine “Square Root”. There is a rude old Australian saying which aptly describes individuals or groups who know little or nothing about anything. They are described as knowing “about five eighths of the square root of bugger all” or words to that effect! That’s how much we knew when we started this venture. What began as an affair of the heart and a holiday in Toro in the north of Spain has matured into a magnificent viticultural affair.